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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Exeter Community Law Clinic (CLC)?

The CLC is a collection of student-led clinics providing free legal advice to the community. Our advice is overseen by qualified solicitors and barristers who are either faculty members at the University of Exeter or volunteer solicitors. 

Do I have to pay for help from the CLC?

No! All help from the CLC is absolutely free, as part of our mission to ensure those most in need can access legal advice.

Who runs the CLC?

The CLC is run by a combination of the University's faculty members, volunteer solicitors, law students, interns, as well as a team of dedicated staff who ensure the smooth running of the CLC.

What areas of legal advice does the CLC help with?

  • The Access to Justice Clinic can help with any legal problem (most commonly employment, housing issues, and debt). 

  • The Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) Clinic assists with ECF applications. People not automatically entitled to legal aid can make an application directly to the Legal Aid Agency for Exceptional Case Funding (ECF).

I need help, but I am not entitled to legal aid - can the CLC help me?

Regardless of your entitlement to legal aid, the CLC will endeavour to help you with your situation. In some cases, we may be able to refer you to a specialist organisation to assist you or help write your application for exceptional case funding.

How long does it take to get legal advice?

We aim to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. All applications for help from the CLC should be made by emailing us a short summary of your legal issue (see 'Contact Us' page). Student volunteers research the matter and then write an advice letter, the process can take a few weeks. We are unable to assist with providing urgent assistance.

Will you provide representation at my hearing

In most cases, we are unable to provide representation at hearings.

I have submitted an inquiry to the CLC but have not heard back yet - what should I do?

If you have emailed us and still haven't heard back after ten working days, please contact us again.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

Please contact us through the "contact us" page.

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