How Do We Work?

Getting legal advice can be difficult - we're here to help. ​

The Community Law Clinic follows a simple and effective process for assisting clients with their legal problems. This process consists of four simple stages - each of which assists us in understanding your personal circumstances, to provide you with the best legal advice we possibly can.


The Stages

Contact Us

Complete the contact form as fully as possible. We will then review your initial application, establish a file, and arrange a virtual meeting with you through Zoom or over the phone.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting will act as an information gathering exercise - no legal advice will be provided at this stage. This allows us to fully understand your circumstances and case so that we can provide the best advice possible.

Review Stage

After the initial consultation, we will go away and review your case. If additional documentation or information is needed, we will contact you for your assistance. We can then establish an action plan for your options and next steps. 

Outcome Delivery

We will deliver our findings to you through another Zoom meeting or phone call. We can assist the writing of the necessary documents to help resolve your situation. In exceptional cases beyond our usual scope, we may be able to refer you to another organisation or provide additional support.