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What happens once my appeal has been registered?

Once the appeal has been registered the tribunal will send the parents (or guardian/representative) a hearing date, along with a set of case directions. The case directions will give the dates within which certain information must be sent in.


When will I be contacted about my appeal?

The local authority has 30 working days to respond to your appeal. The response, and any accompanying documents, will be sent directly to the parents or representatives.


While you are waiting for a hearing, the local authority is obliged to inform you of mediation services so that you may attempt to resolve this without involving the tribunal. (More information on this can be found under the ‘tribunal process’ section of our website ).


About 10 days before the hearing, parents should receive a bundle containing all documents sent by both parents. Parents should go through this bundle, make a note of any issues they want to raise, and think about whether they need to send in any more evidence to counter some of the points being raised by the local authority.


If there has been no response from the local authority within nine weeks, inform the tribunal.

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