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What evidence do I need to include in my appeal?

Include any information or evidence which supports your case (i.e any documents that show your reason for appealing). If you're unsure of what information or evidence to send - contact the tribunal: 01325392760.


There are also opportunities for evidence to be filed at a later stage.


When sending in evidence and documents, send in photocopies rather than original documents.


If you miss the deadline, it’s possible to submit evidence via a supplementary tribunal bundle. Any additional evidence must be sent electronically to the tribunal by 12:00 noon, at least 5 working days before the tribunal hearing.


What about assessments?

If assessments are being arranged, it must be done as quickly as possible, so that the hearing date does not need to be adjourned. The same applies for any other documents or evidence needed for the case.


If the parents need the support of the local authority for reports and assessments, they can request the tribunal to direct the local authority through a request for changes form (found on the tribunal website).

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