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Exeter Immigration Clinic

The availability of immigration advice and legal aid services in the southwest is very limited. In response to this the University of Exeter has set up a service for individuals who are unable to afford private representation, but require immigration advice, information or assistance – either for themselves or a family member.

Aims of the clinic:

  1. Provide a specialist advice and immigration service for those who are otherwise unable to afford representation.

  2. Develop local capacity and networks to support organisations working with those who require immigration advice.

Services provided:

The clinic will be a free, by appointment, service. The service will provide limited advice and information, signposting, and assistance with completing forms. Types of case may include:

  • Article 8 family and private life claims.

  • Refugee Family Reunion.

  • Registration of children as British citizens.

  • EU family rights.

  • Statelessness.

Priority will be given to individuals who show a particular vulnerability or urgent need, such as destitution and risk of homelessness.


Before Applying for Assistance:


The Exeter Immigration Clinic works primarily on a referral basis. In order to receive our support on immigration related cases, you would need to:

  1. Contact another charity, law firm, or organisation based in the South-West of England for initial guidance and support. This could include organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Refugee Support Devon - a longer list of possible organisations can be found here

  2. Following this consultation, you can then request that the organisation you have contacted refer your case to us. Due to our close ties with these organisations, this process allows us to ensure we can work with cases best matched with our expertise.

  3. Once you have been referred to us, we can then begin work to help with your case. 

If you are unable to get a referral from another organisation, you can still request assistance by completing the form tied to the button below.


Please be aware that immigration cases that we do not receive via referral often take longer to resolve, therefore we do emphasise the benefit of seeking guidance from another organisation first.

We aim to respond to all assistance requests within one week.

Request assistance by emailing

The Exeter Immigration Clinic is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). [N201800019]

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