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The appeal form

An appeal form can be obtained from the SEND Tribunal’s website. (

The appeal form is dependent on whether the appeal or claim concerns a child or a young person. More information is available on SEND Tribunal’s website under SEND37 (

If you are also bringing a claim about disability discrimination, there will be a separate form for each claim. The two claims can later be consolidated so that they are both dealt with at the same hearing. ( )

In the boxes on the appeal form, fill in:

  • Your child’s name and date of birth, or yours if you are a young person;

  • Your name and address;

  • Details of anyone else who has parental responsibility, if possible; if you have a reason for not wishing to include this information, this must be stated (if you’re not sure about this or think this may be complicated, contact IPSEA for advice);

  • The name of your Local Authority and the date of the decision you’re appealing against or the date of the final EHC plan; ( )

  • Any special requirements to make the process accessible to you: say here if, for instance, you need documents translated, wheelchair access, a reader or a signer, or cannot manage negotiations over the phone.

In the appropriate section of the form, you will need to explain which decision you’re appealing against or which parts of the EHC plan you disagree with. This is called your reasons for appeal.

Additional documents to send with form

With the completed and signed form send the SEND Tribunal photocopies or scans of the following (Don’t send original documents and keep a copy of everything you send):

  • A copy of the letter the LA sent you that told you of its decision

  • Your mediation certificate

  • The evidence supporting your arguments

  • A list of all the documents enclosed with the application

    • Helpful tip: Put your evidence in chronological order, and then write out a list explaining what each document is


My child/myself have additional requirements, can these be accommodated?

Any special needs or requirements can be put on the appeal form, or the parents can inform the tribunal prior to the hearing (such as a signer, interpreter etc).

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